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In the beginning my products were only available to my clients inside the salon. I take pride in equipping my clients with the best ingredients and products available to help nourish their hair.

My love for healthy hair always made me so unique. I take my time ensuring that each client has healthy hair. I absolutely don’t believe in rushing or overbooking.

I make sure that each and every one of my clients have my full undivided attention. Servicing their hair comes first to me. When I moved to NC from MD that was the turning point in my current client’s hair. Most of my clients in the DMV/NYC area who couldn’t travel started to have some major hair problems with me being gone for so long.

Their hair either stopped growing because I wasn’t servicing their hair any longer, or their hair wasn’t growing as good as I was capable of making it grow.

Most of my client’s hair broke off from trying other stylists who did not have a strong hair care background, but knew how to style hair well. Then I went on maternity leave for the first time with my daughter. This created a repeat of events.

Now my current clients were suffering again due to my short leave of absence . By now I had clients traveling in from everywhere. This was so hurtful to me because I worked so hard in “restoring their hair back to healthy”. This created a lot of repairing to do at work.

My clients who could travel to me again, their hair started to be back on track. But My clients who couldn’t travel still had hair issues that were still being neglected; I could not take it. This absolutely drove me crazy because I care so much about people. I even started traveling back to Maryland to service my clients in the area.

My northern region clientele grew bigger than it ever was. I accumulated a long waiting list being the only person attempting to service all my clients. This took a toll on my personal relationship with my family. It caused me to become really depressed and unorganized, both physically and mentally on top of post partum I suffered from having my daughter.

My family complained about me not having time for them; saying I loved my career more than them and more than my own child. This really hurt me and I was disappointed in myself. My depression became worse because I really love what I do. I decided to accept I just love hair that much. All I wanted to do was make everyone happy.

I became pregnant with my second child so I decided to move back to MD near my family to figure out a few things in my life. This way most of my traveling clients and local clients were not affected. As a result, my big clientele in the southern region was affected because most of them couldn’t travel to MD. There were very few people who could travel that were from NC.

I said to my self “not again”; This cannot keep happening. My client’s hair were being neglected again. So I came up with a master plan to start making custom products for everyone. This way people who couldn’t get an appointment with me for any reason can still have quality hair care. I get tons of emails daily and pictures of people’s damaged hair.

These peoples comments used to really bothered me stating “I’m their last hope to ever wearing their natural hair out again”.

Eventually even more testimonies started rolling in. Suddenly the depression started to disappear and I became one of the happiest people in the world.

I’m 25 now and I’m fortunate to have found my true purpose in life and I sincerely love it. I love hair care with all my heart and I am starting to have a better balance with that and my family. I love to help people grow their hair out healthy.

I love hair problems because I love the challenge of satisfying my clients and making their hair grow out healthy again. I love helping to give people their life back. So many people lack confidence and suffer self esteem issues due to a variety of hair conditions.

A healthy head of hair can make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world. It’s honestly no better feeling than experiencing a healthy hair journey. Since then I moved back to Charlotte and my product line is a little family business for me and my fiancée.

My daughter Calie helps with the business as well (she gets the invoices and mailing labels from the printer). My personal relationships are healthier and so is everyone’s hair who have been using my products. I feel like the happiest girl in the world because.

I can touch so many people’s lives with my products. It makes me feel a little better that I can’t do everyone’s hair in the world now. If you are having problems with your hair just know that some one cares. I do!. That’s my story and it’s not a perfect story but it’s an honest story.