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A SEAMLESS WEAVE™ is the best protective style technique available on the market to protect your natural hair from damaging. This SEAMLESS WEAVE™ technique  is designed to outlast the average sew-in. This technique is performed without a net leaving the sew in very flat to the scalp with no lumps or detectable bumps.

If Monet is booked can another stylist do a SEAMLESS WEAVE™?

We are currently working on licensing rights and training for other stylist to offer the technique to their clients. Other stylists have their own weave techniques so we advise you to do your research.

How much is a SEAMLESS WEAVE™?

The prices for a SEAMLESS WEAVE™ are $550. Charlotte, North Carolina location. A $150 deposit is required to secure your ppointment. (Your deposit will be applied to your total balance).

How far in advance can I book an appointment?

If you have a special event such as ( Weddings, Vacations, Birthdays, Etc.) you would like to book for it’s considered pre-booking which is an extra fee of $175.00 to hold your future date. This extra fee is an additional charge excluding the price of your SEAMLESS WEAVE™.

How and where do I pay my deposit?

Your $150 deposit must be paid for all Seamless Weave™ appointments.  Deposits are paid through this scheduling site via Paypal. It will provide us both a receipt of your payment. Your deposit will be sent to the following email address: (If you have

How long will the SEAMLESS WEAVE™ last?

With proper maintenance it can last up to 3 1/2 – 5 months depending on length and density of your hair. By proper maintenance We mean getting your hair shampooed and treated with the proper products that will keep your hair looking fabulous.

How often will I need my hair maintenanced?

That is up to you. Some people come in once a week, and others every two weeks. Some people return once a month. It’s all in how you care for your hair in between salon visits. The cost of a maintenance appointment is $65 to $75 The price includes your hair treatments. Hair

How much for color?

Ranges from $35.00 per bundle depending on how many colors . Monet would have to look at your hair and the color that you are interested in receiving for a more accurate cost of color.

If I can't make my appointment is my deposit refundable?

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY- all deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit will
be deducted from the balance.

Will Monet travel to my location and what are the travel prices?

Please note the travel prices are higher because Monet would have to shut down her own salon to travel as well as pay the travel costs for her assistant(s). At this time the answer is No. Future travel dates will be posted on Instagram next year (2015).

What does the SEAMLESS WEAVE™ include?

It includes your hair treatments(hour and 30 min), the cutting of all dead ends, braiding of your hair, weave install and styling. Additional techniques are added according to the health of your hair . Monet will tell you which products you will need to maintain your hair.

Does Monet offer training courses for other stylists?

Yes. Monet will post details on her Instagram page when she is ready to start up her training classes .

How long should I plan to be in the salon for my SEAMLESS WEAVE™?

The process takes about 5 to 7 hours. The breakdown is as follows:

– up to 1 hour and 30 min worth of hair treatments customized to your hair
care needs

If I am a celebrity or popular figure can I get a free styling?

Unfortunately, NO. The price applies to all who want a SEAMLESS WEAVE™ Monet treats everyone with the same respect.

If I am a celebrity or popular figure can I get a free styling?

Unfortunately, NO. The price applies to all who want a SEAMLESS WEAVE™ Monet treats everyone with the same respect.

Do I have to have hair left out for my weave install?

No, you do not. Each weave is customized to the client’s hair. It is not a one size fits all weave. The condition of your hair will determine the amount of hair that can be left out.

Can I get a closure?

Monet will have to see the condition of your hair first. If your hair is weak then a closure will only break off your hair and Monet will not install a closure Unless Monet knows that your hair is strong enough to support a closure. Remember, hair care first. Many of the pictures on Instagram do not have a closure. Monet specializes in covering bald spots due to alopecia without a closure needed.

My hair is short can I get a SEAMLESS WEAVE™?

Yes as long as you have two inches of hair in length you can get a SEAMLESS WEAVE™

Should I get a fresh relaxer before getting a weave install?

NO!!! Do not relax your hair before getting a weave install because it could damage your hair and cause breakage. If your relaxer is fresh, Monet will not continue with the weave install. Hair care comes first. You need at least 6 to 8 weeks after getting a relaxer before getting a weave install. REMINDER: relaxing your hair 6 to 8 weeks prior to service is not something you  should every time before getting a weave. Natural is always best.

Should I get a closure? Is it healthy for my hair?

A Lace closure is best for someone’s hair that is not damaged. If you have breakage this is not a good weave alternative. When receiving a lace closure installment, it is important to remove the lace closure and have it put back on at least once a month. Make sure there is no extra pulling or
breaking. Please note, it can weaken the hairline depending on the health of your hair so you want to be sure your healthy in great condition. If
your hair is healthy and you don’t want to be bothered with hair being left out, then this is an excellent alternative.





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