Finally after a year and a half I\'m getting my hair done by Monet! It\'s been a struggle to find a hairstylist that cared for my natural hair underneath my weaves. I thought I\'d be alright going to another stylist while Monet was in NC. I was wrong, my edges have thinned and my scalp needs some serious TLC after going to a stylist that did not care for my natural hair before installing the weave. I cannot wait to have a clean scalp and healthy hair! Wherever Monet goes I will travel because she is the only stylist that I\'ve been to that genuinely cares about the health of YOUR hair. There\'s no double booking and using the dryer as waiting room, she focuses on my hair needs before starting another client. I\'m excited to start a new hair journey in the blessed hands on Monet.


The growth butter smells so good it's absolutely amazing for the overall health of my hair. ByMonetCrochet is the best at creating custom products and she is an amazing innovator.


Have only seen wonderful reviews regarding your Products. Anxious to try your treatments